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About Our Church

The Mission

Highway Church started as a mission in the home of Mother Mable Neal at 1651 Michigan Street in Memphis, Tennessee.


The first pastor was Elder McEwen, followed by Minister Mose Carroll, Sr., in 1956. Minister Mose Carroll, Sr., was ordained as an elder by Bishop A.B. McEwen, Sr. Elder Carroll Sr. and his wife, Mother Ruthie Mae Carroll, worked faithfully with eight members to grow and build the Highway Church ministry.

The Growth

The growth of the Highway Church ministry led to the acquisition of a larger church, and in May 1962, a new edifice was established at 840 Shamrock, and renamed New Highway Church. A mortgage burning ceremony was held in July 1982.


In July 1987, the New Highway Church moved to a more spacious edifice found at 191 West Shelby Drive.


In January 1994, Pastor Mose Carroll, Sr. relinquished New Highway Church to Elder Mose Carroll, Jr., and he served as interim pastor for several years. After Superintendent Mose Carroll, Sr.’s retirement in 1999, Bishop G.E. Patterson appointed Elder Mose Carroll, Jr. to the New Highway Church pastoral role.

The Outreach

In 2008, and under the leadership of Elder Mose Carroll, Jr., an expansion project for a fellowship hall and facility renovation was started. The fellowship hall is currently named, “The Ruthie M. Carroll Fellowship Hall," as a dedicatory honor to Mother Ruthie Mae Carroll. 


The outreach ministry was an integral part of the ministry, and because of Elder Carroll, Jr.’s leadership, expanded to include nursing and care home visitations and services, adopted schools, a bread ministry, and health community liaisons. 

Elder Carroll, Jr. transitioned on August 15, 2020. Bishop Jerry L. Maynard currently serves as the pastor of New Highway Church.

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